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Toddlers / Toddler Room

The Toddlers are split into two age groups Toddler 1’s and Toddler 2’s:

Toddler 1’s being on a ratio of 1:3 and Toddlers 2’s being on a ratio of 1:4. Both groups have the opportunity to experience, learn and play in our back playroom and conservatory area which are both colourful and well equipped with a wide selection of toys and activities where the children are encouraged to choose from which could include sand and water play, construction toys, imaginative play, books, art etc.. Outside play will be part of the daily routine and when we get the chance we go on local walks as much as possible.

p-toddlerareap-toddlerroomAt toddler age, children are beginning to explore their immediate surroundings as their mobility, language and Fine motor skills develop. The Toddler room helps to further enhance theses skills by providing Activities and play-resources that encourage the children both imaginatively and physically. At this stage of their development the children are supported in their exploration of the world around them.

Every effort is made in the communication between staff and parents to ensure complete confidence is maintained. Diaries the same as the baby room are kept carefully in order that concise information about food intake, sleep times, and any other happenings can be given to parents daily. An allocated Keyworker will be responsible for the welfare of your child and maintaining information within their file each day. Please ensure your child’s file returns back to nursery the next session attended.

What you will need to supply

Tiny Tots Carry Bag

Tiny Tots Carry Bag

For your child on a typical day at TinyTots:

  • Change of clothing and a bag
  • Sun hat and cream for the summer months
  • Coat, hat, gloves and wellington boots for the winter
  • Nappies, wet wipes and cream as necessary, these can be stored at the nursery

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