TINY TOTS Day Nursery & Out of School Club    


We are now offering a new after school and holiday club (KIRA's EXPLORERS Club) aimed specifically at 8-11year olds to run alongside our already existing out of school and holiday club provision.

KIRA's EXPLORERS Club offers a wide range of Fun Outdoor Activities and Experiences!

Our Explorers Ethos is:

There is no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing

We count ourselves extremely lucky to have access to a large outdoor space. As an ongoing project we will be creating more opportunities for the children of all ages within the play grounds of Tiny Tots. We see the special nature of the outdoors as a bigger picture – to provide children with the positive experiences necessary to enable them to become lifelong learners and happy well-adjusted adults.

With the support of our new Out of School Manager - Kira Jones, who has had years of experience educating children around health and fitness. We are incredibly excited about developing Tiny Tots into the most playful and active nursery in North Wales.

Kira has previously run an adventure (children’s) club with great success offering the children a wide range of fabulous outdoor activities. Kira has provided us with some fantastic input into how we can expand and utilise more of the outdoor space we are so fortunate to have at Tiny Tots.

The aim is to create areas which will be enjoyable and educational not just for the younger children but also the out of school and holiday club children.

KIRA's EXPLORERS Club also offers childcare provision at Tiny Tots on a Saturday for children aged from 4 year and over from 8:00am-1:00pm. Plenty of outdoor fun and learning experience on offer. Breakfast and lunch is included.

We have achieved over the past couple of years the following:

  • Forest school area
  • A larger area for growing fruit and vegetable, consolidating learning about where our food comes from.
  • Improvements to the mud kitchen area.
  • Enhance the decking area (stage) in the Blue group garden.
  • Outdoor cooking area.
  • Sports arena.
  • Improvements to our Foundation Phase and Flying start garden.
  • Woodwork sessions for the older children.
  • Sensory area for the babies and toddlers.
  • Designated fitness areas.
  • Chill zone.

And much much more!

In a generation where our children are surrounded by technology at every turn, it's easy to forget the real joy of being a child.

Being outside is great for your child's immune and mental health. It also keeps your child active and healthy, will help to develop self-awareness, confidence, self-esteem and communication skills.

Our children benefit from all the above through our outdoor activities and education.

  • Animal Tending & Care - RESPONSIBILITY
  • Den Building - TEAMWORK
  • Performance Stage - CONFIDENCE & SELF-ESTEEM
  • Team Building Activities - COMMUNICATION
  • Assault Course - GENERAL FITNESS
  • Adventure Club = FUN FUN FUN!

3pm - 6pm

Prices from - £13.00

Including pick up from school and tea.

8am - 6pm

Prices from - £30.00

Including tea. Parents must provide a Packed Lunch for lunch time.

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