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Our Food Co-op

Thank you to all the parents who have been ordering from our food co-operative. We would like to encourage all parents to give the co-op a try as the children really do enjoy running it. If you haven’t received an additional price list which includes other products aswell as the standard £3.00 fruit, salad and veg bag, please ask a member of staff for one.

p3-food-co-opThe Food Cooperative that will be based in the Out-of-school club will run every Thursday afternoon from 4.00pm onwards.
The Rural Regeneration Unit (RRU) is working with us to set up the scheme, which is an initiative supported by the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG).

The system works as follows. We link with Huson’s farm in Hawarden to supply us with our fresh fruit, vegetables and salad at a wholesale price. You order your fruit and vegetables and pay for the order at the same time. Your order will be ready to collect at the same time the following week. You can then put in another order, whilst collecting your bag. Everybody who orders will get a reusable ‘bag for life’ for their produce.

A typical Vegetable bag will contain:

  • Potatoes, carrots, and an onion every week
  • Plus 3-4 other seasonal items

A typical fruit bag will contain:

  • Apples, pears, bananas/oranges every week
  • Plus 3-4 other seasonal items

A typical salad bag will contain:

  • Lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes every week
  • Plus 3-4 other seasonal items

All bags cost just £3.00, which is great value for money in comparison to supermarket prices. It could even save you up to £200 a year on your grocery shopping!

The Main Advantages of the Food Co-op

• It helps the children learn skills such as numeracy and teamwork in a fun way
• ‘Healthy start vouchers’ are accepted as part or full payment
• Supporting local farmers and hence reducing food miles which benefits the environment
• It is a not-­for-­profit scheme- all money goes direct to the supplier
• It is a convenient way for you to do your grocery shopping
• Gives you access to quality, affordable and fresh produce
• It helps to promote the 5-­a-­day message and healthy lifestyles to children


The children are responsible for running the co-op; from sorting and weighing the produce on delivery, to taking customer orders and relaying these with the farm, to handling money etc. It also are responsible for running the co-­op; from sorting and weighing the produce on helps support the Curriculum and provide us with invaluable opportunities for learning about the food chain, healthy lifestyles etc.

If you would like more information about the Community Food Cooperative scheme, please visit www.ruralregenerationunit.org.uk Link opens in a new window, or please read the information leaflet displayed on the parent notice board. We do hope you will support us, as we think the children will really benefit from running the Co-­op. We hope with your help we can make the scheme a big success!

Kind regardstina_signatureTina Jones MBE and Team

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